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The Charlotte Hayes Show is an Outstanding "Faith Based" Talk Show,  soon to be featuring a team of extraordinary women and men of different ages, faith, professions and ideas that solict the community to keep it real for all endeavours of life.

The experiences, and backgrounds of faith and real life issues will come head to head around the oval table. The show is blustering with lively discussions on some of the most exciting events of the day and topics people seem to shy away from especially in the Christian realm.  The Charlotte Hayes Show features many cutting edge topics that will provide dialogue for those questions that you have been afraid to verbalize.

Denomination and segregation have played a strong role in our families, communities, churches and schools. The show offers ways for us to come together as one people, even if we differ. One thing for sure the golden thread that joins this team (Together Everybody Achieves More) is their faith in Jesus Christ the Lord who is the preeminent of all.

Laughter,tears, accomplishments for the least likely, and disagreements are a part of life but God says he is not the author of confusion. The show’s overall objective is to find solutions and strive for peace. God says to live peaceably with all men.

Charlotte Hayes who is an writer, entrepreneur, publisher,and song writer. She will have ground-breaking exclusive interviews with world figures and local residents.

The show will be airing from the state of Texas where it doesn’t always rain.

Tune in to the Charlotte Hayes Show and we promise to bring you sunshine, along with the wonders of God!!!.

The motto for the show is that "All Things Work Together For Our Good"