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Unlike most institutions of higher education, DDM Bible College does not charge by the credit. Instead, there is a flat fee charged for each degree level. There are no hidden costs or unnecessary add-ons.


The tuition for each certificate and diploma program is as follows:


Certificates                  $100.00


Diplomas                     $400.00


The tuition for each degree level is as follows:


Associates                   $750.00


Bachelors                    $1000.00


Masters                       $2,000.00


Doctoral                      $3,000.00


For combination degrees, the tuition is as follows:


Associate's/Bachelor's                                                $1,500.00


Bachelor's/Master's                                        $2,500.00


Bachelor's/Master's/Doctoral                          $4,500.00                                                           



For those who cannot pay the entire tuition in one payment, we offer very affordable interest free payment plans. *See the "Tuition Payment Plans" page.




There is a discount of 25% off the tuition, at any degree level, for the following:


  • ·         Members of the Clergy and Church Administration
  • ·         Missionaries of the Gospel
  • ·         Veterans
  • ·         Active Military
  • ·         Persons who are incarcerated
  • ·         Persons on low or fixed incomes


Before a discount may be given, the circumstances through which it is given must be verified. Additional discounts may also be available.


If the entire tuition is paid in one payment, a 10% discount will be given. For those who have completed one degree program and decide to take another one within 30 days, a 10% discount will be given.






Divine Direction Bible College no longer awards scholarships because of the continued FREE programs, discounts, interest-free payment plans and the recent introduction of the TUITION PARTNERSHIP GRANT PROGRAM

These programs help us to keep Administration costs low therefore allowing us to keep our programs affordable to our students.




(As of January 2016)


A student may withdraw from a degree program at any time. However, The Divine Direction Bible College requests that the intent be confirmed in writing. The student will receive a full refund of any payment made within seventy-two (72) hours of enrollment date except the application fee. If cancellation occurs after seventy-two (72) hours enrollment date no refund will be rendered.





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